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Arney, Frank Stanley

Son of James Hicks Arney, Commercial Traveller, of 22 Bayswater Avenue.


Arney was born on 10/05/1896, and attended the School from 1907-1912. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, with the Royal Field Artillery 1st Medium Trench Mortar Bty. Arney sadly lost his life on 18/04/1918, as a result of the War.


He is buried in Doiran Military Cemetery, Greece, grave reference I.F.6.

The Chronicle Reports His Loss (July 1918)

Frank Stanley Arney served since the outbreak of war. He went to the East in April 1915, with the Gloucester Hussars, and was in action in Gallipoli and the Sinai Peninsula. In January, 1917, he obtained a commission in the R.H.A., and went to Salonika the following July. He was there killed in action on April 18th.

Frank Stanley Arney

Born: 10 May 1896

School dates: 1907-1912

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: Royal Field Artillery, 1st Medium Trench Mortar Bty.

Died: 18 April 1918

Age: 21

Remembered: Doiran Military Cemetery, Greece

Reference: I. F. 6.

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