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Baird, David Eugene

Born in Aldershot, Hampshire. Son of Captain David Baird, retired, last West Riding Regiment, and Jannette S. of Ullard House, Borris, Co. Carlow. Husband of Elizabeth M.F. Baird, of Ash Brook, Roscrea, County Tipperary, Ireland.


Baird was born on 12/03/1883, and attended the School for March 1892. He served as a Company Sergeant Major in the Army, with the Border Regiment, 1st Bn.. Baird sadly lost his life on 06/07/1916, as a result of the War.


He is buried in Beauval Communal Cemetery, France, grave reference F.7.

David Eugene Baird

Born: 12 March 1883

School dates: March 1892

Rank: Company Sergeant Major

Regiment: Border Regiment 1st Bn.

Died: 06 July 1916

Age: 33

Remembered: Beauval Communal Cemetery, France

Reference: F. 7.

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