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Browne, Henry Alfred Ford

Son of Alfred Browne, insurance agent, and of Lydia Browne, of 142 Whiteladies Road. Husband of Norah Browne, of 8, Ruskin Grove, Horfield, Bristol. Older brother of Ivy, and Ivor.

Browne was born on 09/02/1884, and attended the School from 1894-1897. He served as a Private in the Army, with the Coldstream Guards. Browne sadly lost his life on 15/07/1915, as a result of the War.


Browne is buried in Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery, Poland, Pila Prisoner of War Cemetery Memorial 1.

Henry Alfred Ford Browne

Born: 09 February 1884

School dates: 1894-1897

Rank: Private

Regiment: Coldstream Guards

Died: 15 July 1915

Age: 31

Remembered: Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery, Poland

Reference: Pila Prisoner of War Cemetery Memorial 1

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