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Tapp, Harold Donesthorne

Son of William Pearce Tapp, insurance manager, and Sarah Tapp, of 326 Fishponds Road, Eastville. Older brother of Russell Brooke, who also served, but survived the War.

Tapp was born on 29/05/1896, and attended the School from 1908-1913. He served as a Lieutenant  in the RAF, with the Royal Flying Corps 70th Sqdn.. Tapp sadly lost his life on 25/07/1917, as a result of the War.


Tapp is buried in Harlebeke New British Cemetery, Belgium, reference XIV. D. 9.

Brought Down Behind the German Lines (BGS Chronicle December 1917)

"received a commission in the R.E. and was attached to the R.F.C. On July 25th he died from wounds received when brought down behind the German lines. He was seen in combat with an enemy formation, and was doing well, until another formation strengthened the enemy forces. The information of his death was dropped over our line by a German airman, and confirmed by the Red Cross International Committee of Geneva."

Harold Donesthorne Tapp

Born: 29 May 1896

School dates: 1908 - 1913

Rank: Lieutenant

Regiment: Royal Flying Corps 70th Squadron.

Died: 25 July 1917

Age: 21

Remembered: Harlebeke New British Cemetery, Belgium

Reference: XIV. D. 9.

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