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Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery

1 Old Bristolian

Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery (CWGC, 2016)

Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery is located 5 Kms west of Ieper town centre and to the south of the village of Vlamertinge (Vlamertinge is the modern spelling of Vlamertinghe). Vlamertinge is located along the Poperingseweg. From Ieper town centre the Poperingseweg (N308), is reached via Elverdingsestraat then straight over two small roundabouts in the J. Capronstraat. The Poperingseweg is a continuation of J. Capronstraat and begins after a prominent railway level crossing. The cemetery is located after turning left in the village of Vlamertinge onto the Hugo Verriestraat. This road crosses a railway and the main road N38, where the name of the street changes to Bellestraat. The cemetery lies 200 metres on the left hand side of the Bellestraat, after crossing the N38.

For much of the First World War, Vlamertinghe (now Vlamertinge) was just outside the normal range of German shell fire and the village was used both by artillery units and field ambulances. Burials were made in the original Military Cemetery until June 1917, when the New Military Cemetery was begun in anticipation of the Allied offensive launched on this part of the front in July. Although the cemetery continued in use until October 1918, most of the burials are from July to December 1917. The cemetery now contains 1,812 Commonwealth burials of the First World War. The cemetery was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield.


John Arthur Hetton, Daniell 

The E H Young Memorial Prize for an essay on Greek thought


First awarded in 1951.

It was founded in memory of E H Young, the author of many novels with Clifton as the background, by Ralph Bushill Henderson.

E H Young married J Arthur Daniell, an Old Bristolian. Although he was overage, he volunteered to fight in World War I and was killed. She subsequently lived with R B Henderson and his wife Emily Hilda Young (1880 – 1949)

John Arthur Hetton Daniell, solicitor (1974 – 1917) attended BGS 1885 – 1891. He died in the battle of Ypres.

R B Henderson had been a classmate of Arthur Daniell; born in 1880, he was at BGS 1894 – 1898 and won a Scholarship to New College, Oxford.

He became a schoolmaster, Headmaster of Alleyn’s School, Dulwich and adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury on Moral Issues. He was also briefly Headmaster of BGS in the winter of 1942 – 1943 to cover the gap between R W Moore and John Garrett.

The prize was originally an annual prize of £10.


The E H Young Prize Fund

Not awarded 1996/7, but listed as The E H Young Memorial Prize for an essay on Greek Thought


1952 letter to Tax Inspector re 1950 Deed of Covenant by Ralph Bushill Henderson for an annual payment.

1956 Deed of Covenant by Ralph Bushill Henderson to pay annually for seven years or during his life (whichever is shorter) the sum of £10 less Income Tax to the Clerk to the Governors of BGS to instutute and maintain the E H Young Prize Fund. The first payment is to be made in 1957.

1958, RBH died & left £200 to BGS, as well as money to other schools “to maintain in perpetuity the E H Young Prize Scheme.”

1959 letter states that RBH had paid under a deed of covenant £10 p a less Income Tax since 1950; he has now left £200 in his will which is to be invested in British Transport 3% Guaranteed Stock 1978/88

Booker: E H Young: author of many novels with Clifton as background (eg Miss Mole); married J Arthur Daniell (OB) solicitor, who though overage volunteered in WWI and was killed; she was “adopted” by R B Henderson OB; she and Henderson and his wife lived as a threesome till her death in 1949; Henderson was a schoolmaster who was HM of Alleyn’s School, Dulwich and adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury on Moral Issues; after retiring he became stop gap HM of BGS 1942/1943; he inaugurated the  “E H Young Prize Scheme” as well as a memorial lecture at the University.


Ralph Bushill Henderson: died 1958 Chron Dec 1958 p 3 obituary;

HM Autumn Term 1942

Pupil Jan 1894 – July 1898

Dob 18 Oct 1880

Scholarship to New College, Oxford;

E H Young: author of a number of novels including Chatterton Square, set in Bristol;

Check Library for book to give names and dates.

Hill 1951 p 245 1949 “ R B Henderson, OB and Headmaster in the winter term of 1942, endowed an annual prize of ten pounds in memory of the novelist E H Young (the widow of an OB), its object being to stimulate the study of Greek thought and civilisation.

1st awarded 1951

Emily Hilda Young, born 1880, died of lung cancer 1949.

John Arthur Hetton Daniell, solicitor, dob 16 Nov 1874, d Ypres 1917; son of James Livett Daniell, solicitor, of Vendale, Redland Park. At BGS 14 Jan 1885 – Dec 1891

Chron Dec 1958 obituary of RBH, 1880 – 1958


How did EHY meet Daniell? 

Notes on what Bk told Maggie Lane in the 1990s:

The missing link is Harold Granville Sharp, b 10 July 1874 and at BGS March 1888 – April 1891, therefore exact contemporary of J A H Daniell.

Father Thomas Sharp, silk agent, of 6 Gutter Lane London EC (why was he sent to a Bristol non-boarding school [don’t know, but we did have one or more boarding houses in the late 19th century – masters often took boarders, notably J G Holmes – even before our official inter-war boarding house on Pembroke Road, run by Mr MacGregor of the Prep School])

H G Sharp was a member of the OB Soc in 1901 living at Blythewood, Sutton, Surrey; he does not appear on any list of those who served in WWI.

He married Margery Young, elder sister of Emily Hilda Young (date unknown), and presumably it was through him that EHY met JAHD. Their son, Philip Young, was still living at St Mawes, Cornwall: Philip’s recollections say that his father worked for shipowners Furniss Withy, who were later taken over by Simpson, Spencer and Young, the firm owned by EHY’s father William and by Ernest Simpson of Abdication Crisis fame.

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