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Tyne Cot Cemetery & Memorial

7 Old Bristolians

Tyne Cot Cemetery & Memorial (CWGC, 2016)

Around the eastern boundary of Tyne Cot Cemetery near the town of Ieper in Belgium stands the Tyne Cot Memorial. It bears the names of some 35,000 men of the British and New Zealand forces who have no known grave, nearly all of whom died between August 1917 and November 1918.

This area on the Western Front was the scene of the Third Battle of Ypres. Also known as the Battle of Passchendaele, it was one of the major battles of the First World War.

Tyne Cot or Tyne Cottage was a barn named by the Northumberland Fusiliers which stood near the level crossing on the road from Passchendaele to Broodseinde. Around it were a number of blockhouses or ‘pillboxes'.

The barn, which had become the centre of five or six German blockhouses, or pillboxes, was captured by the 3rd Australian Division on 4 October 1917 in the advance on Passchendaele.

The Tyne Cot Memorial is one of four memorials to the missing in Belgian Flanders which cover the area known as the Ypres Salient. Broadly speaking, the Salient stretched from Langemarck in the north to the northern edge in Ploegsteert Wood in the south, but it varied in area and shape throughout the war.


Croall, John James

Born    06/09/1892

School 1905-1912

Served as a Captain, in the Royal Scots Fusiliers 5th Bn., Army.

Died    04/10/1917

Evans, Henry Robert Noel

Born    26/12/1896

School 1911-1914

Served as a Captain, in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 8th Bn. attd. 7th Bn.

Died    16/08/1917

Edmunds, Clifford Leslie

Born    04/12/1895

School 1908-1912

Served as a Corporal, in the Gloucestershire Regiment ‘B’ Coy. 12th Bn., Army.

Died    10/10/1917

Bickle, Allan Edward

Born    18/08/1889

School 1899-1904. 

Served as a Private, in the Royal Berkshire Regiment 1st/4th Bn., Army.

Died    27/08/1917

Mager, Frederick Samuel

Born    25/03/1896

School 1905-1914

Served as a Lance Corporal, in the Honourable Artillery Company ‘A’ Coy. 2nd Bn., Army.

Died    09/10/1917

Jupe, Charles Eric

Born    08/02/1890

School 1902-1905

Served as a Captain, in the Devonshire Regiment 8th Bn., Army.

Died    26/10/1917

Hall, Frank Leslie

Born    30/05/1897

School 1911-1914

Served as a Lieutenant, in the Gloucestershire Regiment 4th Bn., Army.

Died    27/08/1917

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