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Davis, Leslie James George

Son of the late G.W. Davis, master mariner, and L.J.G. Davis, widow, of ‘Fairfield’, Upper Oldfield Park, Bath. His mother later remarried, and became Mrs Allen, of 26 Ivry Street, Ipswich. Davis was the ward of Mr Holmes at 10 Elliston Road during his time at Bristol Grammar School.


Davis was born on 25/02/1889, and attended the School from 1899-1905. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, with The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 4th Bn. attd. 6th Bn.. Davis sadly lost his life on 05/04/1918, as a result of the War.


Davis is buried in Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension, France, grave reference IV. N. 2.



Killed by a Shell (BGS Chronicle July 1918)

"Served some time in the ranks, and after passing through an O.C.B. was given a commission in the Buffs. He was killed by a shell on April 5th, at the age of 29."

Leslie James George Davis

Born: 25 February 1889

School dates: 1899 - 1905

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: The Buffs (East Kent) Regiment 4th Bn. attd. 6th Bn.

Died: 05 April 1918

Age: 39

Remembered: Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension, France

Reference: IV. N. 2.

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