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Davy, Ernest Howard

Son of Ernest Richard Davy, of 62 Ravenwood Road.

Davy was born on 15/07/1900, and attended the School from 1908-1915. He served as a Cadet in the Navy, with the Mercantile Marine. Davy sadly lost his life on 15/03/1917, as a result of the War.


Davy is buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park, Newport News, Virginia, USA. He is the only OB WW1 casualty to be buried in the USA. We believe this must have been the first place his ship docked following the submarine attack. As he was in the Mercantile Navy, Davy was not awarded a war grave, however we have chosen to retain him in our records of BGS WW1 casualties, as he would not have died in these circumstances if it were not for the War.


S.S. Rangatira and S.S. Kia Ora (BGS Chronicle December 1917)

"Left the School in 1915, and became a Cadet in the Merchant Service. On his first voyage, in the S.S. Rangatira, the vessel ran ashore on Robben Island in Table Bay (where there is a settlement of lepers and lunatics), and became a total wreck. He was then appointed to the S.S. Kia Ora, and while returning from New Zealand via the Panama Canal he was shot in the head during an attack by a submarine on March 15th. He was in his seventeenth year. "

Ernest Howard Davy

Born: 15 July 1900

School dates: 1908 - 1915

Rank: Cadet

Regiment: Mercentile Marines

Died: 15 March 1917

Age: 16

Remembered: Greenlawn Memorial Park, Newport News, Virginia, USA

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