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Drake, Edward Barfort

Son of William E. Drake, marine superintendent GWR, and Kate R.A. of 5 Fernbank Road. F Halloway acted as his guardian. Younger brother of Dorothy A, Margaret H, Hilda E, and Ethel Kate. Also older brother of Nora P and Mary.


Drake was born on 13/02/1898, and attended the School from 1911-1914. He served as a Captain in the RAF, with the Royal Air Force 209th Sqdn.. Drake sadly lost his life on 29/09/1918, as a result of the War.


Drake is remembered on Arras Flying Services Memorial, France.


No News (BGS Chronicle April 1919)

"Left the School in 1914, and subsequently entered the R.A.F. He rose rapidly in this arm, becoming Captain in january 1918, and Flight Commander last September. On September 29th he was reported missing; and though it was hoped for some time that he might be only a prisoner, no news has since been received from him."

He Shot up a Pfalz D. III. (The Aerodrome)

Flight Sub-Lieutenant Edward Barfort Drake received Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate 3907 on 26 October 1916. Scoring his 4th victory on the evening of 27 June 1918, he shot up a Pfalz D.III over Warfusée. His opponent, Helmut Steinbrecher, jumped from the burning plane, becoming the first pilot to successfully deploy a parachute in combat. Two months later, Drake was reported missing in action. It was supposed that his Sopwith Camel (E4376) was shot down by ground fire.

Edward Barfort Drake

Born: 13 February 1898

School dates: 1911 - 1914

Rank: Captain

Regiment: Royal Air Force 209th Sqdn.

Died: 29 September 1918

Age: 20

Remembered: Arras Flying Services Memorial, France

Reference: N/A

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