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Forsyth, James

Son of Charles Forsyth, ironfounders agent, and Margaret Gillespie Forsyth of 55 Manor Park, Redland. Older brother to Charles and William.


Forsyth was born on 22/06/1896, and attended the School from 1907-1912. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, with the Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 7th Bn.. Forsyth sadly lost his life on 13/07/1916, as a result of the War.


Forsyth is remembered on Thiepval Memorial, France, Pier and Face 11C.



Too Impatient (BGS Chronicle December 1916)

"aged 19, 1907-1912. He left from the Fourth Form and for some time did valuable work as an Assistant Scout Master in the Robert Thorne Troop. He was all on fire to serve in the Army, and was almost too impatient to wait till he was old enough to train. He received his commission in the Royal West Kents, and was not long at the front before he met his death gallantly and fearlessly as all who knew him were certain that he would do." - December 1916

James Forsyth

Born: 22 June 1896

School dates: 1907 - 1912

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: Queen's Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment, 7th Bn.

Died: 13 July 1916

Age: 20

Remembered: Thiepval Memorial, France

Reference: Pier and Face 11C

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