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Gough, Harold Brentnoll

Son of Harold W. Gough, schoolmaster, and Alice E Gough, of 2 Keltson Road, Keynsham. Younger brother of Donald Lansdown and Alice Marjorie Jordan. Also older brother of Edwin Aubrey.

Gough was born on 11/01/1898, and attended the School from 1908-1913. He served as a Midshipman in the Navy, with the Royal Navy Reserve, H.M.S. "Bayano". Gough sadly lost his life on 11/03/1915, as a result of the War.


Gough is remembered on Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Britain, panel 9.


Went Down with His Ship (BGS Chronicle & Portsmouth Naval Memorial)

The Chronicle describes Gough as being a "midshipman on the ill-fated 'Bayano'. Gough went down with his ship following an attack by a submarine off the Clyde on 11th March 1915.


Boarders (1911 Census)

In 1911 six BGS pupils were boarding with the Gough family. Four of these pupils served.

Platts, John Richard Arthur (served)

Burt, Harold Tetley (served)

Douthwaite, Arthur Henry (trained as a doctor)

Vincent, Austin Ears (served and died)

Turner, Cecil Douglas
Matthews, Royd Herniman (served)

Harold Brentnoll Gough

Born: 11 January 1898

School dates: 1908 - 1913

Rank: Midshipman

Regiment: Royal Navy Reserve H.M.S. "Bayano"

Died: 11 March 1915

Age: 17

Remembered: Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Britain

Reference: Panel 9

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