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3 Greek awards were received by Old Bristolians. Below is information about each award achieved by an OB, in the order of precedence.

D1 Mentioned in Despatches
Orders of the Republic

Order of the Redeemer


Number awarded to OBs: 1 Commander, 1 Chevalier


Nationality of award: Greek


Founded: 1829


Information: The Order of the Redeemer is the oldest and highest decoration awarded by modern Greece. It is also known as the Order of the Saviour. The Order of the Redeemer has five classes: Grand Cross ('Μεγαλόσταυρος'), Grand Commander ('Ανώτερος Ταξιάρχης'), Commander ('Ταξιάρχης'), Gold Cross ('Χρυσούς Σταυρός'), and Silver Cross ('Αργυρούς Σταυρός'). It can be awarded to any Greek citizen who distinguish themselves in their field, including military, civilian, industrial, and more. It has also been awarded to foreign nationals when their service was seen to “bring honour to the Order, through their outstanding personal virtues and excellence”.



Grace, Henry Edgar


Atchley, Shirley Clifford

Gallentry and Merit Medals

War Cross

Number awarded to OBs: 1 Bronze

Nationality of award: Greek

Founded: 27 February 1917

Information: The War Cross was inspired by the French Crois de Guerre, and was instigated after Greece formally entered the War in October 1917. It was awarded to military personnel for acts of valour in the Macedonia Front (1916-1918), the Allied Expedition to the Ukraine (1919), and the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922). The award has three classes - bronze, silver, and gold.



Blake, George Shearsby

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