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Gunton, John Welby

Son of Thomas Octavius Gunton, and Eleanor Catherine Gunton, of Ravenhurst, Charlton Road, Keynsham. Younger brother of Ernest Stirling, and older brother of Hilda Catherine, Frida M, and Katrine Bertha.


Gunton was born on 12/06/1895, and attended the School from 1906-1914. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the RAF, with the Royal Flying Corps 70th Sqdn.. Gunton sadly lost his life on 09/08/1916, as a result of the War.


Gunton is remembered on Arras Flying Services Memorial, France.


Gunton enrolled at Emmanuel College, Cambridge prior to the War.

A Light Touch and a Light Heart (BGS Chronicle December 1915)

"2nd Lieutenant Gunton's soaring ambition could find no scope in the infantry, and he has transferred himself to the Flying Corps. A light touch and a light heart, he says, are all that is needed, and we are expecting a landing from him on the School Field in the near future."



Flying with Another OB (BGS Chronicle July 1916)

"On the Western front in the Royal Flying Corps are to be Second-Lieutenant R.B. Mansell and J.W. Gunton, and at times both are to be found in the same aeroplane, one as pilot, and one as observer: it is not known whether they have called it the 'Robert Thorne' or how many Fokkers they have placed to their credit, but good luck and steady nerves be with them."

Shot Down (BGS Chronicles)

"aged 20. 1906-1914. He left from the VIth Classical, and was reading for Holy Orders at Cambridge. He was commissioned in the Somersets, but was transferred to the Flying Corps in which he was an observer. His machine was shot down in circumstances which give the colour to the official description of 'Missing'. His cheerfulness and keenness was unfailing. Warfare was contrary to his whole nature, but he never grumbled at the task which duty laid upon him. Good humour never forsook him, and he was liked by all." - December 1916

"Futher information makes almost certain the death of J.W. Gunton, who was 'missing' in 1916. His machine was seen to dive steeply after an enemy, when two parts fell off, and the dive became vertical in an uncontrolled fall of 6,000 feet." - April 1918

John Welby Gunton

Born: 12 June 1895

School dates: 1906 - 1914

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: Royal Flying Corps 70th Sqdn.

Died: 09 August 1916

Age: 21

Remembered: Arras Flying Services Memorial, France

Reference: N/A

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