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Hogan, Jack Graham

Only son of Squire John Hogan, commercial agent for Sunlight Soap, and Kate Hogan, of “Southsea”, Broadway Road, Bishopston.


Hogan was born on 27/08/1898, and attended the School from 1908-1911. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, with the Hampshire Regiment 1st Bn.. Hogan sadly lost his life on 28/03/1918, as a result of the War.


Hogan is remembered on Arras Memorial, France, Bay 6.


Another Victim (BGS Chronicles)

"R.F. Hitchcock and J.G. Hogan are reported missing." - July 1918

"Another victim of the German advance last spring was J.G. Hogan, who was recorded as missing last year. He was only a short time at the School, but will be much missed by many who knew him. He entered Sandhurst after leaving Bristol, and gained a commission in the Hampshire Regiment." - April 1919

Jack Graham Hogan

Born: 27 August 1898

School dates: 1908 - 1911

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: Hampshire Regiment 1st Bn.

Died: 28 March 1918

Age: 19

Remembered: Arras Memorial, France

Reference: Bay 6

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