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Holdsworth, Joseph Arthur

Son of Rev Joseph Foster Holdsworth, Weslyan Minister, and Jane Holdsworth of 52 Rye Hill, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 19 Freemantle Square. Younger brother of Benjamin, and older brother of Wesley Cope, both of whom served.

Holdsworth was born on 16/01/1895, and attended the School from 1905-1914. He served as a Lieutenant  in the Army, with the Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/8th Bn..  He was awarded the Military Cross. Holdsworth sadly lost his life on 17/06/1918, as a result of the War.


Holdsworth is buried in Berlin South-Western Cemetery, Germany, grave reference XV. C. 8.

He was Invaluable (London Gazette)

Holdsworth was awarded the Military Cross on 6th April 1918, Gazette issue 30614 page 4216. Gazette account:

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty as battalion signal officer and liaison officer with other units. He was invaluable at a time when all units were mixed up and the position of the line uncertain.


He Acted in "The Rivals" at School (BGS Chronicle April 1911)

On Tuesday, April 4th, the School made another important step towards the improvement of its social life. The Dramatic Society was generally considered ambitious when it announced its intention of acting “The Rivals”, but the result obtained was excellent. The acting was good through, and showed that the actors has spared neither time nor trouble in getting up their parts. Much of the success of the play was due to M. Guerra who worked with untiring zeal and energy, while Mr N.L.E. Machon again generously gave his time.

Cast of Characeters:

Sir Anthony                      H.F. Slade

Captain Absolute             B.G. Holdsworth

Acres                                D.C. Thomas

Sir Lucius O’Trigger        J.P. Webb

Fag                                    R. Stallon

David, coachman             R.N. Neems

Mrs Malaprop                   A.A. Vere

Lydia Languish               J.A. Holdsworth

Julia                                  M.A. James

Lucy                                  A.L. Watkins

Boy                                    V. Bingham Hall

We must not omit to mention the work of Rose, H., and Watson, S.H., who between them painted almost all the scenery.


First XV Characters (BGS Chronicle December 1913)


HOLDSWORTH, JA (1912) – Scrum half.  Plays with marked consistency, always giving his partner plenty of scope by letting the ball out.  Marks his man well, and is a second Jago in his quickness to seize opportunities.  His defensive work is beyond question.

Wounded and Prisoner of War (BGS Chronicle December 1918)

"has already been recorded as wounded and prisoner of war. It is now known that he died in hospital in Germany on June 17th. After gaining a commission in the Gordon Highlanders he was transferred to the Lancashire Regt., and won the M.C. about a year ago near Ypres, On March 21st last he was wounded in the head by a shell and not found by the enemy till two days later. At School he had distinguished himself both in games and in the Classical Sixth, and when war broke out he had been for a year Exhibitioner of St. John's College, Oxford."

Joseph Arthur Holdsworth

Born:  16 January 1895

School dates: 1905 - 1914

Rank: Lieutenant

Regiment: Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/8th Bn.

Died: 17 June 1918

Age: 23

Remembered: Berlin South-Western Cemetery, Germany

Reference: XV. C. 8.

Awarded: Military  Cross

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