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Marsh, Francis Courtenay

Son of Agnes Marsh, widow, and the late Major Augustus. L. Marsh (Border Regt.).

Marsh was born on 27/04/1867, and attended the School from 1880-1884. He served as a Major in the Army, with the Border Regiment, 6th Bn.. Marsh sadly lost his life on 07/08/1915, as a result of the War.


Marsh is remembered on Helles Memorial, Turkey, Panel 119 to 125, or 222 and 223.


Marsh also served in the Waziristan Campaign (1894-1895)


Wounded at Cape Helles

Served in the Waziristan Campaign, North-West Frontier 1894-95. Promoted to Major in 1909 and retired in 1911. Rejoined in 1914 at the outbreak of war. Wounded at Cape Helles and killed in action at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli.


Francis Courtenay Marsh

Born: 27 April 1867

School dates: 1880 - 1884

Rank: Major

Regiment: Border Regiment 6th Bn.

Died: 07 August 1915

Age: 48

Remembered: Helles Memorial, Turkey

Reference: Panels 119 to 125, or 222 and 223

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