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Martin, Stanley Frederick Alwin

Son of Frederick Brice Martin, merchant, and Clare Harriette Martin, of 84 Wood Park Road, Tyndall’s Park. Husband of Gertrude Ethel Dunn (formerly Martin), of Toronto, Ontario.


Martin was born on 27/03/1883, and attended the School from 1893-1898. He served as a Major  in the Army, with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario). Martin sadly lost his life on 15/09/1916, as a result of the War.


Martin is remembered on Vimy Memorial, France.

Martin also served in the Boer War.

Mining in Canada (BGS Chronicle December 1916)

"aged 33, 1893-1898. He was a veteran who served through the South African War, and after ten years' mining in Canada, came over as a Corporal with the first Canadian contingent in Princess Patricia's Light Infantry. He was all through the heavy fighting undergone by that battalion, was given a commission, and was wounded at La Bassee in 1915. On recovery he returned to the front, was promoted to Major, and was killed on September 15th. He was a man of very fine physique, a soldier every inch, and of the greatest courage: his record is one for pride."


Account of his Death

During an attack West of Courcelette and whilst leading No 4 Company, in the rear of No 3 Company, along a sunken road which was under considerable shell fire, there were several halts. Upon such occasions his company took shelter under the three foot bank on the left side of the road. At each halt Major Martin went forward a short distance to see what occasioned the delay. During one of these halts he had proceeded a few yards along the centre of the road and turned towards the Company, when he was hit in the head by an enemy rifle bullet and instantly killed.

Stanley Frederick Alwin Martin

Born: 27 March 1883

School dates: 1893 - 1898

Rank: Major

Regiment: Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario)

Died: 15 September 1916

Age: 33

Remembered: Vimy Memorial, France

Reference: N/A

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