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Mayer, Frederick Percy Fry

Son of Emily Mayer, widow, and the late Alfred H Mayer, leather factor, of Belvedere Villa, Long Ashton. Older brother of Margaret E.

Mayer was born on 15/03/1877, and attended the School from 1889-1894. He served as a Lieutenant in the Army, with the West African Frontier Force, Gold Coast Regiment. Mayer sadly lost his life on 30/04/1917, as a result of the War.


Mayer is buried in Kumasi European Cemetery, Africa, reference 25.

Mayer also served in the Boer War.

Malaria Fever (BGS Chronicle July 1917)

"1889-1894, had served in the Boer War, and had travelled widely in Africa. He was manager of one of Lever Bros. palm oil estates on the Gold Coast, and joined the Gold Coast Regiment. He died at Coomassie on May 1st of malaria fever. By his fine character and industry he had earned the respect and admiration of all those with whom he came in contact."

Frederick Percy Fry Mayer

Born: 15 March 1877

School dates: 1889 - 1894

Rank: Lieutenant

Regiment: West African Frontier Force, Gold Coast Regiment

Died: 30 April 1917

Age: 40

Remembered: Kumasi European Cemetery, Africa

Reference: 25

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