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Naish, Edwin Athelstan

Son of Joseph Whelstone Naish, gentleman, and Ellen Annie Naish, of 9 Cornwallis Avenue, Clifton. Younger brother of Dorothy Eveline and Florence Madeline. Older brother of Reginald Paul and Gertrude E S. Reginald Paul also served and lost his life.

Naish was born on 11/08/1892, and attended the School from 1906-1911. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant  in the Army, with the Gloucestershire Regiment 10th Bn.. Naish sadly lost his life on 22/07/1916 - 23/07/1916, as a result of the War.


Naish is remembered on Thiepval Memorial, France, Pier and Face 5A and 5B.



Outbreak of War (BGS Chronicle December 1916)


"aged 24, 1906-1911. He left the School from the Vth Classical and on the outbreak of war joined the 12th Gloucesters. Serving with them he was killed in action in the offensive this summer. He was a very quiet but sterling character, not known to many, but by those who knew him much valued: he was one who made no enemies."

Edwin Athelstan Naish

Born: 11 August 1892

School dates: 1906 - 1911

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: Gloucestershire Regiment 10th Bn.

Died: 22 July 1916 to 23 July 1916

Age: 23

Remembered: Thiepval Memorial, France

Reference: Pier and Face 5A and 5B

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