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Neems, Reginald Norman

Son of Norman Neems, police sergeant, of 39 Thomas Street, St. Paul’s. Older brother of Percy Vincent Nigel, who also served and lost his life.

Neems was born on 12/04/1894, and attended the School from 1904-1913. He served as a Gunner in the Army, with the Royal Field Artillery "B" Bty. 240th Bde.. Neems sadly lost his life on 20/03/1917, as a result of the War.


Neems was buried in Eclusier Communal Cemetery, Eclusier-vaux, France, reference B.7.



A Brief Account (BGS Chronicle April 1917)

"who went out with the Gloucestershire R.F.A., in March 1915, died from pneumonia in France in March, 1917."

He Acted in "The Rivals" at School (BGS Chronicle April 1911)

On Tuesday, April 4th, the School made another important step towards the improvement of its social life. The Dramatic Society was generally considered ambitious when it announced its intention of acting “The Rivals”, but the result obtained was excellent. The acting was good through, and showed that the actors has spared neither time nor trouble in getting up their parts. Much of the success of the play was due to M. Guerra who worked with untiring zeal and energy, while Mr N.L.E. Machon again generously gave his time.

Cast of Characeters:

Sir Anthony                      H.F. Slade

Captain Absolute             B.G. Holdsworth

Acres                                D.C. Thomas

Sir Lucius O’Trigger        J.P. Webb

Fag                                    R. Stallon

David, coachman             R.N. Neems

Mrs Malaprop                   A.A. Vere

Lydia Languish               J.A. Holdsworth

Julia                                  M.A. James

Lucy                                  A.L. Watkins

Boy                                    V. Bingham Hall

We must not omit to mention the work of Rose, H., and Watson, S.H., who between them painted almost all the scenery.

Reginald Norman Neems

Born: 12 April 1894

School dates: 1904 - 1913

Rank: Gunner

Regiment: Royal Field Artillery "B" Bty. 240th Bde.

Died: 20 March 1917

Age: 22

Remembered: Eclusier Communal Cemetery, Eclusier-Vaux, France

Reference: B. 7.

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