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Palk, Arthur Charles

Son of the late Charles Albert Palk, commercial traveller, and Emma Elizabeth Palk of 57 Belvoir Road, Montpelier. Arthur Charles Palk was Emma’s last surviving son when he died in 1916.


Palk was born on 21/01/1898, and attended the School from 1909-1915. He served as a Naval Clerk in the Navy, with the Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Indefatigable". Palk sadly lost his life on 31/05/1916, as a result of the War.


Palk is remembered on Plymouth War Cemetery, Britain, Panel 10.

An Account (BGS Chronicle July 1916)

(Naval Clerk, H.M.S. 'Indefatigable', lost with his ship in the North Sea Battle - Battle of Jutland)

"A.C. Palk did not leave School until the war had already continues for a year and realised his ambition when from the Lower Vith Modern he won a place in the competitive list for Naval Clerks. It is difficult to realise that one who was so eager, so full of almost boyish zest, so enthusiastic for the service, has passed away at the very threshold of his career. He was very proud of his appopintment to H.M.S. 'Indefatigable', and all who knew him can be proud too that if death came to him very early it came to him in most glorious fashion. He was very keen both in his work and as a Cadet, indeed in all that he undertook, and he was in nature quite simple and unspoilt. His example has surely not been lost."

Arthur Charles Palk

Born: 21 January 1898

School dates: 1909 - 1915

Rank: Naval Clerk

Regiment: Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Indefatigable"

Died: 31 May 1916

Age: 18

Remembered: Plymouth War Cemetery, Britain

Reference: Panel 10

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