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Roll of Honour

Below is listed all the names of the 157 Old Bristolians who lost their lives during the War. The process of producing a page for each individual has been started. These pages can be accessed by clicking on any name highlighted in  green  below. Whilst this is an on-going process, further information can be requested from the Archivists Department, using the contact details provided on the About Us page.

Alford, Allan Charles George 
Alsop, Claude Simpson

Armfield, Archie Seaward 

Arney, Frank Stanley 

Baird, David Eugene 

Baker, Sydney Harold  

Bell, Frederick Donald Linnel 

Bell, Harold Stormont 

Bell, Leslie Harrison 

Beswetherick, William John 

Bickle, Allan Edward 

Birch, Frederick William 

Black, Norman 

Blacker, George Frederick 

Booker, Stanley Charles 

Bourne, Richard Balfour

Boyce, Percival Osmond Bean 

Bretherton, Walter Kington 

Browne, Henry Alfred Ford 

Burdett, Charles Plantagenet Balfour 

Calcott, George Reginald Charles 

Cavendish, Hugh Crawford 

Champion, Ivor Edward 

Churchill, Arthur Joseph 

Cockle, Richard  Poyntz 

Cook, Gerald Haslam 

Cooke, Reginald Charles 

Coole, Herbert Edward 

Coram, Hubert Harrington 

Cox, John Ramsay 

Croall, John James 

Croll, John Sherwood 

Crook, Herbert John 

Daniell, John Arthur Helton 

Danne, Arthur William Brian 

Davis, Francis Madresfield 

Davis, Leslie James George 

Davy, Ernest Howard 

Davy, Henry Rawle 

Day, Richard 

Deacon, Stanley Alfred 

Denniss, William Calvert 

Drake, Edward Barfort 

Dymoke, Walter George  

Edgar, Bernard Roy 

Edmonds, Clifford Leslie 

Evans, Henry Robert Noel 

Farmer, Reginald William Bartlett 

Forsyth, James 

Fothergill, Albert Edgar 

Garlick, Charles Sidney 

Gilbert, Leslie Raymond Talbot 

Glasson, Charles James 

Golding, Frank Alfred 

Gough, Harold Brentnoll 

Gover, Charles Leonard 

Grant, Stuart  

Gray, Reginald Francis 

Grindon, Thomas Edward 

Gunning, William Herbert 

Gunton, John Welby 

Hall, Frank Leslie 

Hall, Sydney Llewellyn 

Hannam, Francis John 

Harding, Lionel George 

Hardingham, Francis George 

Hawley, Arthur Charles Richard 

Hayes, Christopher Walter 

Helps, Robert Leslie Vincent 

Hill, Albert Charles Leonard 

Hill, Frederick Stanley 

Hitchcock, Herbert William 

Hitchcock, Reginald Francis 

Hogan, Jack Graham 

Holdsworth, Joseph Arthur 

Holdsworth, Wesley Cope 

Holdsworth, William Ewart 

Howard, Frank Herbert 

Howell, Edgar Stanley 

Howell, Edwin Guy 

Humphris, John Harold

Jones, John Ellington 

Jupe, Charles Eric 

King , Leonard 

Kinsey, Albert Thornley 

Knee, George Creasey 

Lambert, Harry Redcliffe 

Langford, William John 

Leonard, Morton 

Lewis, Clifford Stanley 

Lock, Herbert James Hoddinott 

Lowndes, Edmund Harold 

Lowther, Rowland 

Lumsden, Frederick William 

Mager, Frederick Samuel 

Marsh, Francis Courtenay 

Martin, Stanley Frederick Alwin 

Mayer, Frederick Percy 

Mayne, Cecil Robert 

McGuire, Reginald Arthur 

McMillan, Kenneth Gregor 

Naish, Edwin Athelstan 

Naish, Reginald Paul 

Nash, Clifford Sydney John 

Neems, Percy Vincent Nigel 

Neems, Reginald Norman 

Newton, Frederick William John 

Newton, Robert Francis 

Nicolson, William Hurst 

Oakford, Samuel Collier 

Olds, Cyril Austin Patt 

Openshaw, Edward Hyde 

Palk, Arthur Charles 

Parkinson, Leslie Gerard 

Phillips, John Milford Picton 

Phillpotts, Fitzroy Charles 

Pickard, Ernest William 

Piper, Arthur Edward 

Player, Eric Noel 

Poole, Arthur George 

Purnell, Stanley George Hardy 

Read, Mortimer Charles 

Rees, Dudley Carruthers 

Richards, Dudley Brookhouse 

Richardson, John Lowick 

Robertson, Eustace James 

Rymer, John Stuart 

Sandy, Walter Fawkes 

Slade, Ernest Cowper 

Slade, Frank Oscar 

Smart, George Ullathorne 

Spring, Harold Albert Arden 

Stone, Frederick James 

Stone, Harold George 

Stone, Sidney Clifford 

Strickland, Denys Joseph 

Stroud, Francis Hugh

Swain, Clifford Maxwell 

Tapp, Harold Donesthorne 

Thomas, Arthur Lewis 

Thomas, David Cuthbert (Alias - Cecil Browne) 

Tovey, Hubert Curthoys 

Turner, Crosby Russell Swanson 

Vincent, Austin Ears 

Virgin, Foster James 

Vowles, Stephen Foster 

Wadlow, Harry 

Walker, Gilbert Russell 

Wall, George Stanley 

Watson, Kenneth Charles Forrester 

Watt, John Vade 

Webb, Jack Purnell 

Wickham, Alfred Lionel 

Williams, Norman Vivian 

Williams, William Hutton 

Wilton, Harold 

Worcester, Harold Paul 

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