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Slade, Frank Oscar

Son of Johanna Slade, widow, of 25 Collingwood Road, Redland. Younger brother of Arthur, Harman, Henry, William, John O, and Ernest Cowper. Older brother of Herbert F. Ernest Cowper, who also attended Bristol Grammar School, and lost his life during the War. Frank Oscar Slade married Jessie Pescod in the 3rd quarter of 1917.

Slade was born on 05/06/1890, and attended the School from 1900-1906. He served as a Corporal in the Army, with the Army Pay Corps, Woking. Slade sadly lost his life on 26/10/1918, as a result of the War.


Slade is buried in Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey, Britain, reference VIII. B. 8.


Pneumonia (BGS Chronicle December 1918)

"served for some time in the Army Pay Corps. He was attacked this autumn by pneumonia, and died on October 26th."

Frank Oscar Slade

Born: 05 June 1890

School dates: 1900 - 1906

Rank: Corporal

Regiment: Army Pay Corps, Woking

Died: 26 October 1918

Age: 28

Remembered: Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey, Britain

Reference: VIII. B. 8.

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