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About Us

We are the members, past and present, of the Bristol Grammar School Archive Department. This research has been a labour of love for us, as most of us have done this as a sideline to our main careers.


The research of internal and external sources, and collation of all the information has been carried out predominantly by the Archive Department. However, a huge number people have contributed to this effort, to whom we are extremely grateful. They are acknowledged below.


If you have any comments or information which could be of use, we would love to hear from you at:

Anne Bradley has been the BGS Archivist for twenty five years. She has an incredible ability to recall information about anyone she has ever researched, which has been invaluable. Her experience as an Archivist on the staff of Bristol Record Office underpins the detailed research needed to identify the BGS pupils involved in the Great War.

Lizzie Pearce was originally responsible for researching those Old Bristolians who lost their lives as a result of the War. More recently she has identified the cemeteries and memorials where their service is commemorated, and she organises the visits we undertake to leave a poppies on the graves of BGS casualties. In addition to this, she was largely responsible for the design and collation of the Book, and more recently been the driving force behind the development, design, and production of the website.

Nicky Pearce was responsible for collating the information for the survey, which set off this project. The inaccuracies she found within our own records, spun us into a huge research project spread over several years. She spent hours poring over the Bristol Grammar School Chronicles from 1912 to 1923, noting and transcribing any references to the War, or people of interest. She was also our resident photographer, and is responsible for the majority of the beautiful photographs featured on this site. More of her photography can be found at -

Tony O'Callaghan is an experienced and enthusiastic film maker, and has been involved in the department field trips to graves both locally and in France and Belgium. His role in this project is producing informative films about the OBs who served in the Great War, and also in the set-up and up-keep of the website. His professional film work can be found at -


Douglas Dunn brought a wider perspective to the project. He was fascinated by the contribution made by the School and its former pupils in non-military spheres. Notably, he realised that the Punch cartoonist, Leonard Raven Hill, was an Old Bristolian, proved that a cartoon dated to World War II was in fact inspired by the Great War armistice, and went on to find other war related works. Many of the photographs used were found and scanned by Doug and he was one of the team who transcribed the early registers; without that work this research would have been very, very difficult.

We are also grateful for the interest and involvement of Jan Duncan, who has transcribed many articles from the BGS Chronicle and other sources, and Amanda Dutch, who spent much of the summer of 2015 and 2016 researching the 1875 – 1902 admissions register and identified c 50 additional former pupils who served in the War.


This project owes its inception to the Headmaster of Bristol Grammar School, Roderick MacKinnon, and we thank him for his continued support and interest. Our line manager, Peter Jakobek, has not only offered moral support, he has also visited two of our further distant graves, the one in Germany and the one in Poland, to leave poppies.

Further Acknowledgements

Individuals and Families

Brian Austin (E.W.B. Gill)

John and Mary Bosanko (The S.C. Booker Archive)

The Boucher/Hannam family

Clare Brenard (OB)

Alison Brown

Clive Burlton

The Golding family

Margaret McGregor

Janet MacWhirter (C.E. Gingell)

Robert Pearce (OB)

Richard Porch (The Morgan Brothers)

Lesley Valentine (The W.I. Castle Archive)





Bournemouth School, William Pyke (The Gunning brothers)

Bristol Record Office

Imperial War Museum


Stamford School, Nicholas McCarthy (F.M. Davis)

Stoke Bishop Local History Society, Jenny Weeks (F.G. Hardingham)




Australian War Memorial

Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Forces War Records

London Gazette

The Great War 1914-1918

The Times



Published Works


The Bristol Grammar School Chronicle

History of Bristol Grammar School, C.P. Hill

History of Bristol Grammar School, W.A. Sampson (OB)

Dear Mother, ed. B. Williamson

Public Schools and the Great War: the Generation Lost, Anthony Seldon and David Walsh

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