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Roll of Service

Denotes they lost their life to the War

Denotes they received a decoration

The Roll of Service was originally printed in the July 1919 Bristol Grammar School Chronicle, a scan of this is shown below. This was noted at the time as being 'doubtless far from complete, but embodies all the reliable information which has reached the school'. On the sub-pages to this contain the current Roll of Service, with a small summary of each Old Bristolian who served. This has been compiled using the original Roll of Service, the War Memorial in the Great Hall, the School admissions registers, and a wide number of online sources. It is still a work in progress, and still has a number of inaccuracies and queries which are being resolved. A list of those who lost their lives in the War can be found on the Roll of Honour page. 

If you have any information which could be of use to this effort, please do contact us here.

Individual information pages are gradually being created for each Old Bristolian who served. These can be reached through clicking on the relevant entry on the following sub-pages which contain the updated Roll of Service.

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