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Many OBs kept in contact with the School and with the Headmaster, Cyril Norwood, after leaving BGS. Stories and messages about their exploits often appeared in the Chronicles. Many of these offer an insight into life during the War, and the different experiences gained, depending on where the OBs were stationed. The School OTC and Scouts troops were also involved in different ways in the War effort, and their light-hearted accounts give an idea of the wider attitude.

"There is nothing to report."

W. Lewis

July 1915

" I gather that many people at home are beginning to think that our service out here in Flanders is not very active. Well, my message to them is “come and see.” 


I would first warn anyone who reads any further that unless he has either seen a trench or had one described to him by one who has actually seen one, he has no real idea of our conditions of life. " find out more...

Lost at Sea

J.C.A. Jenks

July 1917

" An Italian soldier brought us some water, and suddenly a voice said in English, “Oh, so you are English are you?” “Yes,” we replied, and the speaker went on, “Well, I am a German, and this place is in the hands of the Turks, so you are prisoners here!”


I’ve had many surprises in my life, but I think that one took the biscuit. Robbie’s face – with eight days’ rosy red growth, very dusty and dirty – was a picture, and no mistake. We soon found that we were in the town jail... " find out more...

A Mesopotamian Stunt

M.H. Jenks

May 1918

" The original idea had been to march till 7 a.m., and get into position to attack at dawn, but the Turks had a pressing engagement in the rear, and by 9 a.m. the last of them had disappeared, except a few who became Arabs for the time being.  So our ten mile march became seventeen; strangely enough, a not unusual occurrence in this part of the world. " find out more...

War Memorial

October 1922

" The Bristol Grammar School War Memorial was carefully designed and produced, and was finally unveiled in October 1922. " find out more...

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