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Beswetherick, William John

Son of Jessie Beswetherick, Manager of Commercial Traveller, of Roseneath (Lower Eastville). Brother of Hugh Christopher Beswetherick, born 23/02/1886, BGS 1898-1904. Also brother of Dorothea and Margaret.

Beswetherick was born on 09/12/1881, and attended the School from 1898-1904. He served as a Private in the Army, with the South African Infantry 5th Bn.. Beswetherick sadly lost his life on 15/07/1916, as a result of the War.


He is buried in Nairobi South Cemetery, Africa, grave reference IV.B.13.

Career and Report of His Loss (BGS Chronicle December 1916)

aged 30, 1898-1904. He left the Sixth Classical and after taking his degree at Keble College, Oxford, went to S. Africa, where he married and was a much respected official in the Magistrates' Office at Capetown. He was with Smuts in East Africa, and after a long series of forces marches fell ill of malaria, of which he died at Nairobi, July 19th. He took the Old Boy's ribbon with him in the campaign.

William John Beswetherick

Born: 09 December 1881

School dates: 1898-1904

Rank: Private

Regiment: South African Infantry 5th Bn.

Died: 15 July 1916

Age: 34

Remembered: Nairobi South Cemetery, Africa

Reference: IV. B. 13.

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