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Hawley, Arthur Charles Richard

Son of Arthur Edwin Hawley, grocers retail assistant, and Beatrice Hawley, of 33 Cromwell Road, Montpelier.

Hawley was born on 22/10/1898, and attended the School from 1911-1915. He served as a Lieutenant in the RAF, with the Royal Air Force 54th Sqdn.. Hawley sadly lost his life on 09/08/1918, as a result of the War.


Hawley is remembered on Arras Flying Services Memorial, France.

Failed to Return (BGS Chronicles)

"To the names of R.F. Hitchcock and J.G. Hogan, who have been 'missing' since last spring, must be added that of A.C.R. Hawley who in August failed to return from a patrol flight. As the return of prisoners proceeds, some news of these may still possibly arrive." - December 1918

"No futher news has been received of A.C.R. Hawley, Lieutenant in the R.A.F., who was reported missing on August 9th last. He had been sent out along on a low-flying piece of work, from which he did not return." - April 1919

Arthur Charles Richard Hawley

Born: 22 October 1898

School dates: 1911 - 1915

Rank: Lieutenant

Regiment: Royal Air Force 54th Sqdn.

Died: 09 August 1918

Age: 19

Remembered: Arras Flying Services Memorial, France

Reference: N/A

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