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Howell, Edgar Stanley

Son of Edwin Charles Howell, traveller, and Florence Caroline Howell, of Exeter Lodge, Burlington Road, Redland. Younger brother of Edwin Guy, who also served. The family later emigrated to Australia, and lived at 161 Kent Road, New Farm, Queensland. Howell married Florence Maud Beadle on 3rd February 1916, in Queensland, Australia.


Howell was born on 02/01/1890, and attended the School from 1902-1904. He served as a Private in the Army, with the Australian Infantry, Australian Imperial Force, 25th Bn.. Howell sadly lost his life on 05/08/1916, as a result of the War.


Howell is buried near his brother in London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval, France, grave reference 6. D. 31.


Posted Missing (BGS Chronicle December 1916)

"aged 26, 1902-1904. He went to Canada and was there from 1906 to 1911, went to Australia in 1912, and settled and married at Brisbane. Like his brother he joined the 25th Battalion of the Australian Imperial Force, and on the same day that his brother was killed, August 5th, he was posted missing and has not since been heard of. The sincerest sympathy will go out to their father who thus in one day was bereaved of his two sons gallantly fighting in the Somme."

Edgar Stanley Howell

Born: 02 January 1890

School dates: 1902 - 1904

Rank: Private

Regiment: Australian Infantry, Australian Imperial Force, 25th Bn.

Died: 05 August 1916

Age: 26

Remembered: London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval, France

Reference: 6. D. 31.

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