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Piper, Arthur Edward

Son of Frederick Watts Piper, clerk, and Mabel Piper, of 93 Somerville Road. Older brother of Eric Watts, and Gerald Frederick.


Piper was born on 26/06/1895, and attended the School from 1907-1911. He served as a Private in the Army, with the Worcestershire Regiment 10th Bn.. Piper sadly lost his life on 12/10/1918, as a result of the War.


Piper is buried in Hautmont Communal Cemetery, France, reference IV. C. 33.



Transferred to Sick Convoy (Forces War Records)

Years Service: 8 Months

Months with Field Force: 6 Weeks

Ailment: Impetigo face and cellulitis exterior foot (left)

Date of Admission for original Ailment: 08/05/1917

Date transferred to Sick Convoy: 12/05/1917

Notes: No. 3 Ambulance train.


Taken Prisoner (BGS Chronicle April 1919)

"was four years at the School, and afterwards matriculated at the University. When he joined the ranks of the 10th Worcesters, he was studying for his final examination as an Incorporated Accountant. He was taken prisoner in France in April 1918, and is known to have been in hospital in Le Cateau at the beginning of last October, but in spite of exhaustive inquiries since the armistace began, no trace of him can be found."

Arthur Edward Piper

Born: 26 June 1895

School dates: 1907 - 1911

Rank: Private

Regiment: Worcestershire Regiment 10th Bn.

Died: 12 October 1918

Age: 23

Remembered: Hautmont Communal Cemetery, France

Reference: IV. C. 33.

Cemetery Site Map (CWGC)

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