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Armfield, Archie Seaward

Archie Seaward Armfield was the son of Charles A, surveyor of taxes, and Mary Ann. Younger brother to Charles W, and elder brother to Ivy A.


Armfield was born on 07/02/1879, and attended the School from 1893-1895. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, with the Irish Guards, 2nd Bn.. Armfield sadly lost his life on 31/07/1917, as a result of the War.


He is buried in Canada Farm Cemetery, Belgium, grave reference II.B.25.

A Busy Life...

1879 – Born at Clapham, London

1881 – Living at 9 Plymouth Place, Penarth, Cardfiff, Glamorganshire, Wales

1891 – Living at High Street, Bramley, Hambledon, Surrey

1893-1895 – Attending BGS, staying with Francis Augustus at Towerhurst, Somerville Road (?)

1899-1902 – Serving as Sergeant in British South Africa Police (Boer War)

1912 – Returns to Mozambique from London (Passenger Lists)

1914 – Serving as 2nd Lieutenant with the Irish Guards on the Western Front (WW1)

1917 – Parents living at 2 South View, Higher Torrs, Ilfracombe

Armfield also fought in the Boer War.

Archie Seaward Armfield

Born: 07 February 1879

School dates: 1893-1895

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: Irish Guards 2nd Bn.

Died: 31 July 1917

Age: 38

Remembered: Canada Farm Cemetery, Belgium

Reference: II. B. 25.

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