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Richards, Dudley Brookhouse

Son of Ernest Brookhouse Richards, and Bertha Louise Richards, of 258 Wells Road, Knowle. Younger brother of Unita Catherine, and older brother of Hilda Berenice, Eustace Brookhouse, Norman Brookhouse, and Bernard Brookhouse.

Richards was born on 30/10/1897, and attended the School from 1907-1911. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, with the Gloucestershire Regiment 6th Bn. attd. 15th Coy. Machine Gun Corps. Richards sadly lost his life on 29/09/1916, as a result of the War.


Richards is buried in Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, France, reference I. K. 3.


A Chronicle Report (BGS Chronicle December 1916)

"Aged 18, 1907-1911. He left from the Divisions and went on King's College, Taunton. Through he had only his preparatory years at the School, he had many friends and his family is well known to Bristolians. He received his commission in the Gloucestershire Regiment, and was this year mortally wounded in France when serving with the Machine Gun Sections. There are many who will mourn over a career thus stopped short at its very outset."

Dudley Brookhouse Richards

Born: 30 October 1897

School dates: 1907 - 1911

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: Gloucestershire Regiment 6th Bn. attd. 15th Coy. Machine Gun Corps

Died: 29 September 1916

Age: 18

Remembered: Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, France

Reference: I. K. 3.

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