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Richardson, John Lowick

Son of John Edward Richardson, solicitor, and Marie L Richardson, of 46 Logan Road, Bishopston.

Richardson was born on 11/05/1894, and attended the School from 1906-1912. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the RAF, with the Royal Flying Corps 55th Sqdn. Previously Gloucestershire Regiment 3rd/4th Bn. . Richardson sadly lost his life on 21/08/1917, as a result of the War.


Richardson is buried Arras Road Cemetery, Roclingcourt, France, reference II. P. 12.



An Account of Service (BGS Chronicles)

"J.L. Richardson is also said to be a prisoner, but definite information will be welcomed by the Editor." - December 1917

"Left the School in 1911 for Bristol University, where he passed the intermediate examination for the Arts degree. At the outbreak of war he joined the army. In July, 1915, R.A.M.C. work took him to a large clearing hospital, where he was engaged for twelve months in the dressing room. He was transferred in August, 1916, to the Officers' Cadet Battalion at Bristol, and in October of the same year he was gazetted second-lieutenant in the Gloucestershire Regiment, and procedded to France, where he was engaged in severe fighting. In May, 1917, he was transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, and on August 21st, 1917, made his last flight in a bombing raid. He was very popular amongst his fellow officers and men." - April 1918

John Lowick Richardson

Born: 11 May 1894

School dates: 1906 - 1912

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Regiment: Royal Flying Corps 55th Sqdn.

Died: 21 August 1917

Age: 23

Remembered: Arras Road Cemetery, Roclingcourt, France

Reference: II. P. 12.

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