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Robertson, Eustace James

Only son of James Robertson, assistant manager of Bristol Rubber Co., and Lucy of 13 Belle Vue Road, Bristol.

Robertson was born on 04/02/1891, and attended the School from 1906-1909. He served as a Captain  in the Army, with the Gloucestershire Regiment 7th Bn.. Robertson sadly lost his life on 02/03/1917, as a result of the War.


Robertson is remembered in Amara War Cemetery, Iraq, on Shaikh Saad Old Cemetery Memorial.

Eustace James Robertson

Born: 04 February 1891

School dates: 1906 - 1909

Rank: Captain

Regiment: Gloucestershire Regiment 7th Bn.

Died: 02 March 1917

Age: 26

Remembered: Amara War Cemetery, Iraq

Reference: Shaikh Saad Old Cemetery Memorial

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